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What makes our popcorn so special? We meticulously select the highest quality premium hulless popcorn from the Midwest then use only the finest ingredients in our recipes including real Wisconsin butter.

White Popcorn

  • Regular White

    Fully salted and popped in corn oil

  • White - 1/2 Salt

    Half the salt of the regular and popped in corn oil

  • White - Lite

    Fully salted and popped in 1/3 less corn oil

  • White - Lite - 1/2 Salt

    Popped with 1/2 the salt and 1/3 less corn oil than the regular

Traditional Flavors and Mixes

  • Caramel

    Made with brown sugar, butter and all natural ingredients. Our most popular flavor.

  • Lite Caramel

    A lighter candy coating than the regular

  • Yellow Cheddar

    Full bodied, cheesy deliciousness

  • Lite Yellow Cheddar

    A lighter cheese coating than the regular

  • White Cheddar

    A milder cheese flavor without the yellow fingers!

  • Lite White Cheddar

    A lighter cheese coating than the regular

  • Kettle Corn

    Lightly sweet and salty

  • Capitol Gourmet Double Mix

    A tasty blend of caramel and yellow cheddar popcorn

  • Capitol Gourmet Triple Mix

    A perfectly balanced trio of caramel, yellow cheddar and regular white

Specialty Flavors and Mixes

  • Packer Mix

    Green apple and banana make this mix a hit with our Green Bay fans

  • Caramel Apple Mix

    A green apple flavored popcorn mixed with caramel

  • Candy Apple Mix

    Just like at the fair! A mix of green apple and cherry popcorn

  • Badger Mix

    Sweet cherry flavored popcorn and kettle corn in festive red and white colors. Go Badgers!

  • Tuity Fruity Mix

    A colorful rainbow mix of sweet fruity flavors including orange, banana, green apple, cherry, blueberry and grape. A favorite with kids of all ages!

  • Freedom Mix

    A mix of cherry, blueberry and kettle corn makes this patriotic colored mix a must at your 4th of July picnic or anytime of the year!

  • Cinnamon
  • Banana
  • Black Cherry
  • Blueberry
  • Cherry
  • Grape
  • Green Apple